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Use this form to apply for a listing in the Ladies Formal Day Wear UK directory of retailers.  Just fill in the details below, and press the submit button.  We will add your business to our directory and then invoice you for the introductory rate of 49 for 1 year's listing - you only pay when you are completely satisfied with your listing.  Submission of this form implies acceptance of the Ladies Formal Day Wear UK terms and conditions.  If for any reason you have trouble using the form below, simply send us an e-mail, with brief contact details, and we will be happy to contact you.

Please provide the following information:

        Business Name:       


        Address (contd):     

        Address (contd):     

        Post Code:             

        Business Telephone Number:       

        e-mail address:       


Please write a description of the services your business offers, in the box below.  This description will appear as part of your advertisement, so please use a maximum of 300 characters (approx 50 words).  You should state if you hire or sell, and you may wish to publish opening times, prices, if an appointment is needed, or perhaps brief directions to help a customer find you.  Avoid using extravagant claims such as 'best in the area' etc (even if you are!).

If you are lost for words at this point, here are some examples.  You can use these as they stand, or copy, paste and edit them as necessary:

"We have a large selection of beautiful formal day wear, suits and hats for hire or for sale. Open Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 5.00 - please 'phone for an appointment."

"Hat Hire from the hat specialists. A superb range of stunning millinery, all designed to make you look fabulous on that special day."

.                          Business Description:


      If you require a link to your web site, please write your web address in the box below:


Nearest large town you wish your entry to be listed under:

The 3 Counties/Areas you wish to advertise in :

            County 1:              County 2:            County 3:

Extra Counties required (up to another three more) at 10 per extra county:



You can add the names of the manufacturers that you stock at no extra charge. If you would like us to include in your listing, the names of the labels that you stock (eg John Charles etc), please list them here:   

A small image or logo is included in the listing price. Please check this box if you would like to include a small picture in your advertisement, and we will contact you for details of the image you would like to use.


The Premier Listing normally costs 89 for 1 year on the site, but our introductory offer entitles you to one year on the site for 49. 

Declaration:  I apply to have the above advertisement placed on the Ladies Formal Day Wear and Mother of the Bride UK website, and confirm that I am authorized to do so. I also confirm that my advertisement complies with the Ladies Formal Day Wear UK terms and conditions. I understand that I will be invoiced for 49 only when I am satisfied with my listing on the site, and that submission of this form places me under no obligation.

Contact Name:          Please check all your details carefully, and press the "Submit Button", at the bottom of this page.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a secure link.  Do NOT send any credit card details, or any other payment details.           




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