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Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains a list of our most frequently asked

 questions and hopefully, some helpful answers.


General Questions

Questions about how to track down a dress you have found on the site

Questions about choosing a dress to suit you


General Questions

Q. The site is called Mother of the Bride UK, so is it only about Mother of the Bride outfits?

A. No.  The site is concerned with all ladies' formal daywear, including mother of the bride and mother of the groom, cruise wear, and outfits for ladies' day at the races, garden parties, graduations, christenings, weddings or simply for a lunch out with friends.

Q. How is the site organised?

A. The site is organised into two main sections. The first is our Photo Gallery, where you will find photographs of all the latest day wear styles from most of the leading designers and manufacturers. The second section  is a Directory of Dress Shops, showing where you can buy or hire the outfits, dresses or hats in your area of the UK. 

Q. How should I use this site to find my perfect outfit?

A. First go to our Photo Gallery page, and enjoy browsing through hundreds of photographs. Whatever your special event, you should be able to find a suitable outfit on this site. When you have found an outfit you like, make a note of the details, then go to our Directory of Dress Shops . Just click on your area of the UK to see a list of the small independent retailers near you, who hire or sell the outfits.  You can click on the link to their website (if they have one), and see the outfits that they stock in more detail. It is probably best to telephone them before visiting, in order to check which labels, sizes and colours that they currently stock.

Q. Do you supply dresses over the internet?

A. No, we don't supply the dresses.  Instead, we show you where you can go to buy or hire the dresses at a shop near you.

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Questions about how to track down a dress you have found on the site

Q. Can I buy one of the dresses directly from you?

A. No, we do not supply the dresses ourselves - see the question below for where to buy or hire the dresses.

Q. I have seen a picture of a dress on your website and I love it. Where can I buy or hire it?

A. Go to our Directory of Dress shops, where you will find a list of UK counties or areas. Click on an area close to where you live, and you will be taken to a list of dress shops in your area that sell, hire or will make dresses. Have a look at their websites, or give them a ring - tell them that you have seen a dress on the Mother of the Bride UK website, and ask if they have one, or can order one for you.

Q. I can't find a shop in my area that sells the dress I want, what can I do?

A. Try widening your search, and look in other areas a little further afield.  It's quite hard to track down a dress if you have a very fixed idea in your head - even if you find a store that stocks the style you want, will they have it in your size and in the colour you want? Remember that if the shop carries a large stock of the same dress in different sizes and colours, it increases the likelihood that someone else at the event may be wearing the same dress! This is why formal wear shops tend to keep only small numbers of a particular style.

Q. I've searched all over and still can't track down the dress I want, what can I do?

A. Even if you do eventually manage to track it down, you may find that it just doesn't suit you after all.  This is why it pays to keep more of an open mind about your choice of dress. Be prepared to visit your local shop and try other outfits on.  This way, you will find one that suits you, rather than one that looks good on the model in the picture.

Q. Do all the shops on your website stock all the dresses you feature?

A. No. Each dress shop will stock perhaps two or three of the manufacturers dresses that we feature, and they may also stock lots of other dresses that we don't feature on the site - this why it is important to visit your local shop and find out for yourself what is available.

Q. I notice that some of the shops list which manufacturers they stock, but many don't. Why is this?

A. Some shops make or stock their own exclusive range, and some simply don't wish to publicise which makes they stock. It is therefore important to telephone and ask if they stock the dress you are interested in.

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Questions about choosing a dress to suit you

Q. Which designers produce very small or very large sizes.

A. Most designers and manufacturers produce a large range of sizes.

Q. I am a very odd shape. What type of outfit  will suit me?           

A. First of all, don't despair! Since most people (usually wrongly) consider that they are too tall/too short/too thin/too fat/too pear shaped etc etc, you are not alone. With one or two exceptions, it is not normally a good idea to say that a particular style will suit a particular shape - the answer to your problem is to visit your local formal wear shop, and try on a whole range of styles. You can usually rely on the expertise of the boutique owner, because whatever shape you are, and whatever problems you think you have, she will have seen it all before. Most of the dress shop owners listed on this site are very experienced, very sympathetic and very patient - they will be able to advise and help you to find the dress of your dreams.

Q. I have very pale skin/red hair/black hair etc, etc. What colour dress will suit me?

A. The answer is the same as in the last question. Go to your local dress shop and rely on the expertise of the owner - whatever your problem, the likelihood is that they will have seen it before, and will be able to advise you.

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